(bb) Im Februar ging es für beide achten Klassen nach München, wo sie sich in den Pinakotheken mit Kunstwerken im Original befassten. Eine fächerübergreifende Aufgabe war es, anschließend ein kurzes englischsprachiges Video mit Mysimpleshow über diese Exkursion herzustellen.

Das Video von Julia Wadenstorfer und Yulia Rohloff aus der 8a kann über den Link https://bit.ly/2JvWRYT angesehen werden. Hier ist ihr Bericht, in englischer Sprache verfasst.

The old Pinakothek and the Pinakothek of Modern Art

This video is about our art trip to Munich. On Tuesday the February 19, 2019 we took the bus to Munich. The bus dropped us of in front of the Alte Pinakothek located in Barer Straße, opposite the Pinakothek of Modern Art. The trip focussed on the question of various perspectives in art. We were surprised that even in art works dating from the middle ages presented at the old Pinakothek various perspectives had been used. Albert Altdorfer's painting "Alexanderschlacht" about the battle of Issus is still in our minds because of its interesting perspective and we particularly enjoyed the sky and the mountain in this picture. At the Pinakothek of Modern Art we carried out an experiment with a glass pane on which we had to draw the outline of cubes with the name glass plate method.

We really liked looking at the artworks, but we did not like the performance of our tour guide because she was not easy to understand and she covered only for a few minutes. We were impressed that Dasch, a local metal-working company, had also made a contribution and supplied the mounting system for a spectacular art project in the design collection. Next to the size car there were 1800 small aluminium cars. After our visit in the old Pinakothek we had some time for ourselves and ate at McDonald's. Then we met between a game shop and McDonald's on a square with many birds. After that we walked to the central station and we took the bus back to our school. We really enjoyed this trip but we think a better tour guide would have made it even more interesting and better to understand.

This was our trip to Munich in the old Pinakothek and the Pinakothek of Modern Art.

Thank you for attention and for watching this video! :)